Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The beauty of Malaga

In June, after recently finishing my last year at university, I was offered a last minute(15 hours before take-off), somewhat random trip to Malaga, Spain for £100. How could I say no?!
Please prepare yourself for a lot of pictures!!

                                                Goodies in the hotel bathroom!

                Day 1- white dress (Topshop), necklace (miss selfridge) bag (primark), sandals(oasis).
                                           Rocking my natural hair in a puff

             We went dominos because we were starving and the beach side restaurants close during the day
                                                                       My hotel

                                                                The mini bar!

                                                    The view of the beach from my door

    The first nights dinner was fresh Fish and Chips! The best I have ever tasted and its the UK's national dish

                   After looking for it all day, we finally found the burger king, after dinner! Sigh!

                                                     The beach at night. Simply beautiful!
                                                My window view of the beach in the morning
                                                              The view at breakfast
                                     Freshly squeezed orange juice. It was sooo good!

              Day 2- Bikini top (Primark), skirt (Topshop), Heels (Topshop), Sunglasses (Forever 21)

                      Day 3- On top of the rocks at sea!Top (H&M), Shorts (Primark)

                                                 The Port.! It is only one year old!!

                          Out on the night! Top- (Zara- sorry about the creases, we had no iron)
                                                 On the ferry to another city!!

Beauty. One last look